Face Aesthetics

The face is the most important part of our body. It determines our personality, our social standing, and our relationships. Terms like face value are extremely relevant in professional set-ups. Given this, there are a million ways of gathering advice on the same. From DIY homemade beauty potions to expensive international brands, from a local beauty parlor to friendly neighbors to a concerned grandmother, we are flooded with advice on how to get healthy skin.
Face Aesthetic Treatment in Mumbai


Dr. Vrushali, with her sound medical knowledge and strong scientific backing, can give you the best possible recommendation to achieve your desired skin. She has set a PROTOCOL for achieving healthy skin.
First, it’s important to repair any existing damage and bring it to the baseline level before proceeding to beautify the skin. Every client is thoroughly evaluated to assess any signs of damage and accordingly treated.

Also known as priming, this is important to ensure you achieve the best outcome of the intended procedure. It generally involves using a priming cream and sunscreen as recommended by Dr. Vrushali.


This involves the actual procedure. Dr. Vrushali has an armamentarium of procedures from peels to PRP to botox and fillers.


It is important to understand that no procedure lasts a lifetime. Even plastic surgery has a limited lifespan. So if you want your results to last, you have to maintain them with supportive maintenance procedures and creams.