Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

While our main focus is on face, the rest of the body is often ignored.

In Body aesthetics, Dr.Vrushali discusses issues affecting different parts of the body like ear lobe tear, ingrown toe nail, keloid, moles, skintags, corns, calluses,cysts, lasers and peels and fat dissolving injections for the body.

Areas like the hands, back, feet which are exposed to sun continue to suffer sun damage while, the focus is on the face.Also sunscreens and medicated creams of the face may not work on the body areas.Dr. Vrushali has a separate protocol for treating conditions affecting the body like tanning/pigmentation, body acne, pigmentation from insect bites or post waxing , lichen planus pigmentosus, frictional pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation involving neck, underams, elbows, knees etc, and familial pigmentary disorders involving arms and back.


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