Corn & Callus - RF surgery

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Corn & Callus - RF surgery

Corns and calluses are thickened skin (hyperkeratoses) which are generally painful. While callus is a flat cylindrical shaped thickening with less pain, corns are generally conical in shape with apex pressing on tissue making it quite painful.

Calluses happen in areas which undergo a lot of friction or under pressure. Example being bikers having callosities on their palms, guitarists behind their nails, etc.

Corns happen in areas which undergo a lot of pressure either from a faulty footwear or a bony deformity that causes undue weight on that part compressing it and causing the corn. Corns commonly happen on convex surface of the feet  or sides of the 5th toe ( hard corn) , or between 4th and 5th toe (soft corn).

Early stages of corn/callus can be treated with a salicylic acid based ointment (keratolytic - breaks down the heaped up skin). However, in later stages, the skin becomes too thick to allow penetration of the ointment. In such cases, Radiofrequency assisted parring and ablation is recommended.

The advantage of doing RF is rapid healing, minimal bleeding and lesser chance of infection post procedure.

Before the procedure, the client's skin cleansed, degreased and an antispetic lotion is applied. The area to be treated is treated with local anesthesia. The RF -loop probe is then used to remove the unwanted thickened skin. The tissue is removed layer by layer gradually till all the thickened skin is removed and normal skin is visible. An antibiotic cream is applied and the wound is dressed. Depending on the depth of the corn / callus, it may take 5 to 14 days for healing.

The client is advised about usage of appropriate footwear and other causative factors to prevent recurrence of the corn /callosity.

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