Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

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Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

Elongated ear lobe or torn earlobe opening is a common complaint in Indian women due to use of heavy ear-rings from a young age. While a majority of older women come for ear lobe surgery, sometime trauma can also cause tear in the opening warranting a surgery.

A pre - operative laboratory work up is done before the surgery. Diabetics with controlled diabetes can also undergo the surgery.

Dr. Vrushali prefers to go for stitches instead of glue for better and long lasting results. The surgery is conducted in a Minor OT and takes around half an hour for a ear.

After the repair surgery, the client is sent home with dressing and post opertaive medications and care to be taken. The client is called back on 3rd day to open the dressing and examine the stitches. Once the stitches are checked and healing well, the client is free to leave the stitches open with just an antibiotic ointment applied. 

The client is called after 2 weeks for stitch removal.

The new piercing is done after 4 weeks of surgery.

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