Party Peel

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Party Peel

Keeping in mind the need of our clients, Dr. Vrushali recommends a peel that not only gives an instant glow but also additional long term benefits of a peel as opposed to an ordinary salon-spa facial.

This party peel contains an intelligent mixture of arginine, kojic acid, Lactic acid, arbutin, citric acidm dimethyaminoethanol , allantoin and alovera.

Arginine provides careful exfoliation to allow the easy penetration of kojic acid, citric acid and arbutin which are the main skin brighteners.

Lactic acid aids in skin renewal and moisturization.

Dimethyaminoethanol increases skin firmness giving a skin tightening benefit.

Aloe vera and allantoin act as anti-irritant to ensure the peel is devoid of any side effects.

This peel can be repeated on a fortnightly basis for best results


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