Skin Whitening Injections

Skin Whitening Injections

Many people strive to attain a lighter, brighter looking skin but often to no avail. As majorly procedures are focussed on brightening procedures on face, often there is a sharp contrast between the colour of face and rest of the body.

For such clientele who have been fighting a lost cause for skin brightening, Dr. Vrushali has devised a cocktail of internationally procured mix of antioxidants – Glutathione, N acetyl cysteine, Vitamin C and E that provide full body skin glow and brightening.

Q. what does a skin whitening treatment do?

 Ans. The above mentioned anti-oxidants are naturally present in the body, that inhibits the production of melanin which in turn has a skin whitening benefit. However due to pollution, stress full lifestyle, smoking, medications, adulterated food and water, we are in a negative balance in the antioxidant reserve of our body.  Externally administering these anti-oxidants make up for these negative balance and restore the normal skin colour and add glow.

Q. how are the skin whitening injections given?

Ans. These skin whitening injections are administered through saline intravenously on a weekly basis that generally last less than an hour.

Q. How many sessions are required ?

Ans.  5 to 10 sessions are required to achieve desired results and thereafter the client can be shifted on antioxidant tablets or 3 monthly injections routine for maintenance of results.

Q.Are there any pre procedure requisites ?

Ans. Special care is taken to ensure the client is not allergic to any constituents of the injection by performing a small test dose before administering a full dose.

Q. Are the injections safe?

Ans.These injections are very safe and in tune with the FDA standards of safety for skin whitening injections.

In additon to balancing out an even skin tone and skin whitening, these injections also provide immune protection, stress defence, a general sense of well being and thus address a holistic sense to beauty.