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Skin & Hair Care for Monsoons – Part III ( Hair)

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  1. Monsoon brings with it a host of hair woes. Itchy scalp, limp hair, dryness at hair tips are all associated with the onset of monsoon. 

    1. While shampooing your hair twice a week will suffice during any other season, you might want to do so more frequently during the monsoons. This is because the humidity in the air makes you sweat; and sweat makes it easy for grime and dust to latch on to the scalp skin. It’s ok to wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo if needed during monsoons.
    2. Prevent the hair from getting drenched in rain, but if does happen – dry them as soon as possible.
    3. Aggressive blow drying can increase the frizziness of the hair. Ideally, hold the blow drier 5 to 6 inches away from the hair to avoid this.
    4. Conditioning of hair is imperative in monsoons as the humidity makes the hair length especially the tip go frizzy and hair root to appear limp. Apply a leave-on hair serum/conditioner instead of rinse-off conditioner to the length of the hair, especially the hair tips.
    5. While coloring and other hair procedures might seem attractive, repeated hair washing may affect the longevity of the procedure done and infrequent washing will make the hair appear limp.
    6. For people who have undergone chemical treatments like perming or straightening, use strong anti-frizz serums as leave on conditioners may not suffice.
    7. Go easy on styling. Excessive use of hair gels and sprays will only cause greasier hair, difficult to wash away and difficult to dry.
    8. A good idea to have an easily manageable scalp and hair would be to sport a cropped short hair look during monsoon.
    9. Bacteria and fungi flourish in humid environment and itchy or painful boils on the scalp could be a sign of folliculitis (infection of the hair follicle). Visit a dermatologist for proper treatment.
    10. Fungal infections of the scalp like dandruff or tinea are rampant in monsoons. Visit your dermatologist for proper treatment.
    11. Scalp Psoriasis tends to aggravate during monsoon. Seek a dermatologists help to understand how to manage your scalp condition without affecting the hair texture during monsoons.
    12. Head lice infestation is common in the rains, especially in school going kids. Meet a dermatologist for treatment and simultaneous of all family members (affected and unaffected) is advisable.
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