Dr. Vrushali has designed a SIGNATURE HYDRAFACIAL RITUAL for her clients that use prescription grade active ingredients that are exclusively available to only dermatologists.

Q. What does a Hydrafacial do?

Ans; A Hydrafacial aims at removing all impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin cells, induce facilitate cellular turnover and hydrate the dermis to renew and revitalize your skin. 


Q. Who can do a Hydrafacial?

Ans. Any gender, any person can undergo this procedure. Even patients of diabetes, thyroid, dry and oily skin, or other medical conditions can undergo this procedure safely. The client is thoroughly analysed by Dr. Vrushali that includes an in depth medical history and skin analysis. The SKIN DETOX Ritual or Hydrafacial is then customized as per patient’s skin type, age of skin, texture, moisture content and extent of UV damage.


Q. What is the procedure of the Hydrafacial?

Ans; It starts with a gentle exfoliation with either a crystal microdermabrasion or a diamond microdermabrasion machine, also known as skin polishing without involving any scrub.

This is followed by a Hydra dermabrasion which uses water to gently hydrate the skin and also flush away any remnant debris.

Thereafter a specialised Fruit Peel (Alfa & beta hydroxyl acids and Vitamin A & C) as per the patients skin is chosen and applied uniformly for a fixed period of time. The hydra exfoliation enhances the penetration of the peel. The peel facilitates deeper exfoliation of skin layers, gives even texture, removes superficial pigment and induces turnover of skin thereby reducing fine lines and superficial wrinkles.

This is followed by a procedure whereby a customised cocktail of active ingredients containing collagen stimulators, micro vitamins and micronutrients, amino acids and brightening agents are pushed into the skin by a procedure called mesoporation. Special focus is on the nutrition that the clients skin is lacking.

The last step of the procedure is using a skin brightening & rejuvenating mask that ensures anti-irritant and cooling benefit and the instant glow expected from a facial.


Q. How is Hydrafacial superior to a salon facial ?

Ans: A regular salon/ spa facial tends to pamper the skin and give a temporary glow without addressing individual layers of skin and aiming for long term results with regular maintenance.

Other than that, it often involves harsh exfoliation with scrubs, some scrub particles clogging the pores, incomplete evacuation of blackheads and white heads, use of unsterilized instruments. The products used simply sit on the skin surface instead of penetrating, thereby giving only temporary glow.


Q. What is the post care after a Hydrafacial?

Ans. There is no post care needs to be followed after a skin detox but Dr. Vrushali doesn’t allow her clients to leave the clinic before a generous application of sunscreen which is mandatory to maintain a good skin.


Q. What are the side effects of Hydrafacial?

Ans. There are no side effects of skin detox procedure, infact this procedure is recommended for those who have extremely sensitive skin and cannot tolerate even cosmetic products.

Without stripping the skin of its nutrients and moisture, the SKIN DETOX RITUAL by Dr. Vrushali help recover and rejuvenate skin at the same time, tackling every skin later to make her clients feel more confident and radiant.