Acne Scar - Management Update

Acne Scar - Management Update

Scars are bad.. Whatever the cause; as they remind us of the event that caused them. Almost everyone gets acne or zits in their teens but a few develop scars. They may be caused by large pimples or squeezing pimples out or applying incorrect potions to them. Whatever the cause, the mental and social trauma it causes is enormous and having a clear face is expected both socially and professionally.

By &large, there are 4 types of Acne scars. Macular scar - a red colored flat patch that may progress to a sunken scar if not treated early. Ice-pick scars - narrow but deep like an ice cream cone. Box scars – deep scars equal in their depth as width. The most difficult to treat scars are the rolling scars which are like waves, with adjoining raised and sunken areas. Scars could be clumped together or lie isolated.

While treating scars, the points that are considered are its type, age, number, location and whether they are grouped or scattered. Isolated small scars are treated with chemical peels of varying strengths. Large isolated scars may need minor surgeries like skin grafts. Grouped scars are treated with Subscission, Dermaroller, Ablative Lasers(CO2/Erb yag) and Microneedling. 

Radiofrequency. Ablative lasers and Pixel RF are the popular ones, giving benefits of epidermal resurfacing in addition to scar improvement. All these techniques have fast recovery and good results but need to be done by an expert Dermatologist.  

Finally, to sum it up:

  • Early treatment of pimples prevents scarring.
  • Early treatment of scarring gives better results.
  • Once a scar is formed, the skin can never become completely scar-free.
  • Improvement is more when combination approach is used.
  • Treatment should be based on certain parameters and laser is not the answer to all types of scar.
  • Treatments have to be done by a qualified Dermatologist.


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